”We must support the weakest in our society.
Only then do we all become stronger.”

Finn Nørgaard,
27.05.1959 - 14.02.2015


On 14 February 2015, Finn Nørgaard was brutally murdered in front of the Krudttønden arts and culture venue in the Østerbro district of Copenhagen.

Following this senseless incident, which took dear Finn from us, his family and closest friends passionately wish to adopt an active and positive stance.  We want to honour him. We wish to perpetuate his generous personality and values, and to benefit others, since Finn was passionately concerned about people encountering social challenges.

This is the objective of the Finn Nørgaard Association of 14 February 2015.

Dicte & Lennart Ginman ’Nature Boy’

On February 24th, Danish singer Dicte and bassist Lennart Ginman performed their version of the song “Nature Boy” at Finn’s funeral service. Now the song is available for streaming via Spotify and for downloading via Itunes. All sales revenue from the song downloading will be directly transferred to the Finn Nørgaard Association (Finn Nørgaard Foreningen).


The mission of the

The objective of the Association is to award funds to projects and initiatives, which support children and young people.

The Association undertakes, every year on 14 February, to award a grant to an organisation or individual(s), who have achieved something outstanding in terms of the Association’s mission.

This might involve the integration of immigrants and the descendants of immigrants in Denmark, or other initiatives, which benefit children and young people in need. Finn knew no limits when it came to human understanding and discussion. Neither will the Association.

Support the

You can contribute by supporting the Association financially without being a member of the Association. You can also become a member.

The bank account of the Association is: Sort code 5065; Account number 2021226. Any contribution will make a difference.

By submitting your information, you are declaring that you wish to become a member of the Association. However, of course you should also have the opportunity to know the conditions of membership before your subscription becomes binding. So we are happy to send you more information as soon as it is ready.

We thank you for your interest.

The Association’s

The Association’s Board will be made up of family, friends, colleagues and individuals, all of whom wish to make a difference and continue where Finn left off. At a later point, we will elaborate upon the details of the Association’s mission as described here.

We have not yet finalised the composition of the Board, but this will be decided shortly after Finn Nørgaard’s funeral.

This website will be regularly updated with new information. It was created within an extremely short space of time. We appreciate your understanding of this.



On the afternoon of Saturday 14 February, Finn Nørgaard was murdered in front of the Krudttønden cultural centre in the Østerbro district of Copenhagen. We do not know all the details, but subsequent evidence suggests that Finn attempted to prevent the 22-year-old man from continuing to shoot through the doors at a debate on the subject of freedom of expression. 28 shots were fired through the façade of Krudttønden, before Finn approached the terrorist, who then shot Finn. Finn died quickly, despite the ultimately vain attempts of private individuals and paramedics, who hurried to the scene, to save his life.


Finn Nørgaard was 55. For many years he was a steadfast and treasured colleague for anyone, who had the pleasure of experiencing his astute and humorous outlook on life. He was a film producer, director and cameraman and worked on countless projects, both large and small, in addition to his own documentaries.

To anyone meeting Finn for the first time, he came across as both competent and likeable. But people, who got to know him better, realised that there was a much more profound side to his personality. By nature, Finn was polite, considerate and also very ambitious in any project, to which he committed himself. Whatever the size of the budget, quality was paramount. This always produced an excellent result. Finn was also a sweet-tempered and precise teacher, who trained many cameramen in the future potential of the medium.

But, for those who were his friends, Finn was much more than all that. He was thoughtful and attentive and actually quite old fashioned. He was what one might call a “courteous man.” He listened more than he spoke, and he remembered what he was told. In particular, he always delivered the goods, if someone asked him for help.

Finn was also a very peaceful and tolerant person, who defended everyone’s freedom and rights. His documentary programmes testify to his particularly great empathy for people faced with problems and challenges. The last thing he would have wished is for his death to be used to create greater distance between people and religions. It was the opposite he wanted. Finn believed in the good in mankind, but also disassociated himself from callousness and violence.

Finn was both a thinker and a man of action and had a powerful sense of what was right and wrong. His last act was brave, but had fatal consequences.

Let us honour the memory of Finn Nøgaard.


Finn lived his life according to set of firmly established values. He often remarked that openness, interest, trust and love are the way forward and that we should all take care of one another. Together we should make an effort for all the children and young people who feel unloved. In this way we can prevent the growth of hatred in some people.

More than anything else, there are three things that symbolise Finn: love, culture and discussion.


Love was the very fuel of Finn’s life. Good karma, positive energy and concern for others are what kept Finn going. Very few people had as many close friends as Finn. His capacity for love was incomparable.  He was available whenever it was necessary. There was always room in Finn’s heart.


Finn knew what was right and wrong and acted instinctively according to that knowledge. For Finn there were no quick fixes or half-hearted efforts. Finn was fair, empathetic and always curious to learn about, and understand people, cultures and religions.


Finn was a person, who listened before speaking, and who listened before judging other people. He considered dialogue to be the strongest and most efficient instrument at our disposal. Finn lived his life by showing respect for everyone. Because, when respect vanishes, humanity vanishes too.